Roadtrip in western France

Usually when people think of France they think of Paris and that is it. It is a pity because there is actually plenty of things to do and see all over the country. Outside of Paris people are much more relax and the food is delicious and affordable. Continue reading Roadtrip in western France

Status of my my pastry to do list

after years watching the show “le meilleur p√Ętissier de France” (french upgrade of the Great British bake off) I decided to stop drooling0 on the delicious pastry and start trying to bake them. I created the list and started my journey toward excellence in baking when I was enjoying the housewife lifestyle in and had a lot of time on my hand and appetite for fine pastry. I am proud to say that I followed through with the list despite being back at work. Continue reading Status of my my pastry to do list