My cultural journey

Me on the other side of the Atlantic (Myrtle Beach SC)11 years ago, I left my hometown in northern France to study abroad in Germany. I was a 20 year old who did not speak well any other language than French and enjoyed a sheltered life living with Mummy and Daddy (Papa et Maman).

Ever since my early teen I was eager to see the world and convinced than my path in life was out of the conventional way.  I just did not know what this path could look like and how to take it without breaking with my loving family and loosing myself in the process.

After a couple of years growing up, studying and learning successful international friends, I was finally ready to embark on this adventure. I had forgotten all my school German and only knew little English but I was ready to take my chances and I knew I would pull in the work to succeed my first year of Master in Law in Mannheim. At that point, I was going for a year not knowing what would happen after I just knew I had to take this opportunity.

My 20 year old self could not even imagine that this year abroad was just the beginning of an amazing journey.  Today I live in the United States with my Indian husband whom I met while living in Germany. I now speak fluently English, German and learning Spanish and Marathi.

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