Why spend time blogging

There are millions of reasons why people start blogging, mine is not that original! I just want to connect with individuals who share the same interests as me and maybe get some encouraging comments.

My mind is this buzzing machine that keeps on jumping from one idea to the next and never seems to stop. I am constantly hungry for knowledge and some topics keep me busy me at night (sometimes all nights) until I found a way to process it. For years, I have used some kind of informal journal to structure my thought, find peace, identify the feelings and analyse the situation bothering me.  I write because I hope that sharing my though could maybe give someone the missing piece to solve the current puzzles of their life while i am solving mines.

When we decided to get married I read a lot on the blog englishwifeindianlife and I found immense comfort in reading about someones similar experiences. It made me aware that marrying into Indian culture would forever make me a mediator between cultures and I love it.

I believe one of the many reasons I fell in love my husband is because he has an entirely different perspective on the world, another culture and religious beliefs and language. He challenges me and together we have a chance to understand the world better and grow as human being. I want this blog to render the progress of this endeavor.


Why write in English and not in french

I have chosen to write in English and not in my mother tongue.  For those of you who know how french people are attached to their language and want to see it flourish globally you would probably know that it was not an easy decision to make especially knowing that some of my friends and relatives at home would probably not bother reading my blog since it’s in English.

As much as I would love to share with my reader the beauty of the french language I want to reach a larger audience by writing in the current global language and also reach people who would otherwise never get a chance to learn about french culture.  Writing in English is not always easy and often words fell me in literal sense but it’s a challenge which I hope will help me increase my proficiency and expand my vocabulary.


My attempt at an editorial guideline

I would love to see this blog prosper into something that is fun and instructive to read. I hope to elevate my reader by writing about my experiences and opinion and putting it into perspective with some cultural theory and concept. I am a huge bookworm and a nerd and the challenge for me will be to make it entertaining but I am up for it.

I am a french lady who always lived in a western culture who is trying to unveil the mystery of the cultures I am in contact to. Understanding a different cultures is putting words on the things that are different, deranging and challenging in every day life. It might be to much of a western perspective for some of my reader but as much as I want to try to understand I cannot change who I am.

As a blogger and as a person  I am striving to describe  my personal situation, opinion and beliefs, honestly in a non-judgmental way and without stereotype. It’s ambitious and I will probably fail to live by it a few time around the way so please be forgiving and do not hesitate to comment and correct me if I am in the wrong.


I want to bring culture closer together and I firmly believe that the only way to do so is by discussing and engaging people to talk on our differences. Political correctness is the boring and flavorless food you put on the table when no one in the household agrees on what to it. While it’s useful to have some of it in your pantry to avoid unnecessary conflicts you would not eat that all the time if you want the family to stay happy and engaged.

At a time were populism is on the rise everywhere I feel that it’s important to be open about our cultural differences and the challenges of living together. We are different, each culture brings its own lot of good and bad things and while it’s a human reflex to compare and rank, it is not fair to place culture in a hierarchy of either good or bad. I am also not fond of this the other temptation to oversimplifying things by ignoring our differences and declaring that all human being are same at their roots and therefore cultural difference does not matter.

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