Salidou (Salty Caramel spread)

Salidou is a popular spread of Brittany (west of France). We eat it on top of thin pancakes, with yogurt or combined in a desserts… my favorite on top of a warm apple pie.

It is super quick and easy to prepare and keeps for month in the fridge even though in our home it gets eaten in a matter of days.

Ingredients for one jar:

  • 160 grams or  1 1/3 cup of Sugar
  • 80 grams or 1/3 cup of Salty Butter ( also works with unsalted and a pinch of salt)
  • 1 quart or 40 cl Heavy whipping cream

Preparation (15 min):

  1. Heat the sugar in a pan on low heat until the sugar turn to dark brown caramel. To avoid adding residue in the caramel, avoid stirring it. If you are worried the caramel does not cook heavenly, just move the pan circularly.
  2. Once the caramel has a nice brown color, add the butter and a pinch of salt. As the butter melt, stir with a spatula until the mix become homogeneous.
  3. Add the heavy whipping cream and stir well.
  4. Pour the hot mix into a jar and let it set. As the mix cools off, the caramel harden into a paste to use as a spread.

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