Time to say goodbye

This is my last week in the US, I am leaving on Thursday for Germany, Kedar will follow in a couple of days. Our home in Cary was our first home together, our first car and our first year of marriage. We always knew that December 2019 was a hard cut and that we would have to come back to the city we fell in love in and where a lot of our friends still are.

In the middle all the hassle of moving, the stress of finding a home in Cologne and the fear of forgetting something important, there are a couple of emotional moments where I realize that even though we were here for just 14 month (out of which 3 in a hotel in Pittsburgh), we have been lucky enough to make meaningful connections here and it is tough to say goodbye to our new friends not knowing when we will see them again.

Moving internationally is a two sided sword, you experience the joy of meeting new friends where you would not always expect it together with the feeling that you always leave part of yourself in the places and people you leave behind.

We are going back to the place I called home for 6 years before; our German friends had babies or bought houses while we were on our american adventures. The excitement of seeing how their lives have grown will eventually kick-in but right now it is bittersweet.

This will be another new beginning for us, nothing stays the same, we keep on evolving, we meet new friends, go on to different phases in life and change in many unexpected way throughout. This is the miracle and the joy of life and the way we grow as individuals and as a couple but right now I am sad and fears a little what lays ahead of me.

PS: I just learned that the word goodbye is an alteration of God be with you. It is so matching as there is no time in life where you feel as dependent on a supreme being as when your entire home is in a container at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean.

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