A world of water closet

On my first trip to India traveling alone to meet my then boyfriend’s family for the first time, I decided to change attire while waiting for my connecting flight at Mumbai local airport. Heading to the ladies room I was faced with two doors to chose from IWC or WWC. For those who like me are not familiar with these abbreviation WWC stand for Western WC and IWC for Indian WC.

After opening both doors, I figured it the mystery. Western toilet does not need to be described it is simply a toilet on which you can seat whereas you stand on Indian toilet and bend your knees while aiming toward a ceramic hole in the ground. Those toilets are largely popular in India and most houses still have them. While I find those more hygienic in public spaces because your skin do not touch anything, I am not found of them in Indian homes where people walk bare feet. I find it especially tricky to master since Indians do not use toilet paper but clean themselves with fresh water and water quickly spreads everywhere making it more slippery.

Indian toilet with the bucket for fresh water

When I told this story to a German friend I learned that they call it french toilets and had a discussed look on their face. Ironically Julia Enders the German best seller author of “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ” recommend this type of position for a health bowel movement. Apparently most Asian try to replicate the same position on western toilets at their own risk.

A sign I found in the restrooms of a school teaching German to foreigners

In France Indian toilets are called Turkish toilets and they are still quite common in highway rest areas and public spaces. Nowadays they have an automated high speed flush that cleanup the premise as soon as one opens the door to leave. When I was a kid those were still common in public facilities like the yard of my preschool. Over time they are becoming less and less common in France but I am still finding it funny that no nation wants to own it except for Indians.

I have been very busy lately with work and a lot of afterwork classes. After so many month barely writing I thought a light topic would be best to get back on the blogging horse. If you enjoyed this post let me know by liking it. I would also love to read your experience and stories in the comments.

One thought on “A world of water closet

  1. Well… I like this topic. Recently I had the same discussion with a Turkish friend. He acknowledged to name it Turkish toilet. It is apparently very common in Turkish houses. Nevertheless for Belgian people it will always remain a French toilet.😉


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