Rediscovering boredom

We are now back in Germany for 8 month and we finally settled into a new routine. We have our Saturday morning cycling trip to the market to buy cheese, fruits & vegetables, regularly host friends for lunch and diners. For expats, routine is the thing that get you through the tough times and gets you going. Now that we are back in Cologne, the city that we chose to establish our home in, I still cherish those moments of comfort but they also come with a long lost feeling of boredom.

In the past two years, life was hectic for us and I am rediscovering what it is to have a almost empty to-do-list compared to way to much to do and no idea how to make it all happen.

As stressful as it was to organize 3 weddings in France & India while moving from Germany to US and then back, it was also thrilling and satisfying to be rewarded for our effort. I got to really know my new family members and learn more about the Maharashtran culture, visit a lot of new places, made unexpected culinary discovery and learned how much I / we was/were capable of achieving.

Now that we finally left the emergency mode, it is time to gather our strength back and look out for the new project that will continue to make us grow and engage us for the next two years and more. Honestly it feels just like the time waiting for boarding before engaging on our next amazing and scary adventure!

If you are like me and always need an exciting project to keep you going, you probably relate to this. Feel free to like and comment to share your take on this.

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