Status of my my pastry to do list

After years watching the show “le meilleur pâtissier de France” (french upgrade of the Great British bake off) I decided about a year ago to stop drooling on the delicious pastry and start trying to bake them.

I created the list and started my journey toward excellence in baking when I was enjoying the housewife lifestyle in US and had a lot of time on my hand and nowhere around to satisfy my appetite for fine pastry. I am proud to say that I followed through with the list in Germany despite having lot less free time.

After baking this Royal Cake and managing to bring it untouched and still frozen to a get together by bus to friends on the other side of town on a very hot day (32°C), I can officially say that I have done more than half of my to do list in about a year!!! Well done me :-)!

I am still not done and I will probably never be as I keep adding new items on the list but it has been a very enriching experience. I have sworn a lot in the kitchen, learned a lot of new technique, messed up a few cake, burned my fingers more than once. I have learned a lot of new techniques and now know the right temperature to make the perfect caramel or perfectly incorporate butter to my custard. I have known the anguish of offering a new experiment, not knowing if it would get out of the shape or taste as expected. I have been thrilled many times to see look of my friends while eating my cakes and it is priceless !

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