Vanillekipferl (Vanilla crescent)

Another Christmas Cookie Plätzchen recipe which I bake every year is Vanilla Kipferl. They are very soft melt into the mouth and are my family’s favorite (both in France and in India). They are pretty easy and inexpensive to bake provided one follow a few simple tricks which I wrote in Italic in the recipe below. Ingredients for the dough: 250g of flour 210 g softened … Continue reading Vanillekipferl (Vanilla crescent)

Zimtsternen (cinnamon stars)

One German tradition which I truly fell in love with is to bake Xmas cookies called Plätzchen to give it to friends, families and colleagues during the advent time. There are hundreds of different cookie type and family recipes are passed down through generations. Normally I meet with my girlfriends on a Sunday to bake Plätzchen, listen to Xmas Carols and bake hundreds of cookies. Since this … Continue reading Zimtsternen (cinnamon stars)

What give us our daily bread means for Germans

Couple of years ago, I used to order one brötchen (bread rolls) at the neighborhood bakery and that seemed to baffle the lady at the counter so much that she kept on pushing me to buy some more, saying it was not enough for one person. I had never thought much about it until I had to spend 24 hours at the hospital and finally … Continue reading What give us our daily bread means for Germans